A $2368 Mustang now $1 Million
The insider secrets and untold back story of America's fastest selling sports car. Here is the definitive 50 year history of the seemingly forever Ford Mustang.
In 1965 America was rich in optimism, high in spirit and growth, and competitive due to a booming mass market of young newly minted drivers. They  started something no one seems to be able to stop.
This intricate, world-wide history explains the past and hence a future of this classic collectible automobile.



About Sequences One to Nine
Each revealing segment builds on highlights of a unique  historical event spoken by those living or deceased who struggled to build a billion dollars  worth of  Mustangs. It took a little over two years to achieve.
Who paid, who designed, who developed, who tested, who raced and who sold the most successful American automotive icon?
A new chapter in the story of this weapons grade machine will be appearing monthly throughout this 50th Year Anniversary. You are going to be continually surprised !





Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment One:

Top auto Journalists set a devilish but accurate tone.

Segment Two:

The world's most interesting man introduces the men and machines.

Segment Three:

How a Secretaries' car became a ravening beast.

Segment Four:

Drivers Environment vs. aerodynamics

Segment Five:

International racing Fords

Segment Six:

Secret T-5,unibody Falcon

Segment Seven:

Blazing drag racing.

Segment Eight:

Mustang beats Ferrari in Europe,sometimes !

Segment Nine: Ford racing  International records still resonate with American pride.

Segments One to Nine